Technology has extended its roots deep inside the forefront of all the tier companies leading to a cut-throat competition. In this world of do or die, companies are in great need of expert assistance. So, Mibn Company is all set to provide you with a plethora of Information Security, and Information Technology Services. They help you maintain technological advantage over competitors in every field ranging from management, to digital marketing and even cloud security. Officials here are trained and hold expertise at their job.

What are the various services they provide?

  • Voice over IP Services- the VoIP solutions offer flexibility to your business, so that you can connect from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Managed IT Services– These services to those businesses which do not possess an IT person or an IT team.
  • Information Security- This service protects your network from malicious activities.
  • Disaster Recovery- They have a special feature by which they can recover the server in cases of failure or disasters.
  • Penetration Testing- The expert team at Mibn constantly does the penetration testing of their clients in order to ensure that the network is completely protected.
  • Digital Marketing- They also provide help in the digital marketing sector to bring in more business to the client.


Who all do they work with?

  • Government agencies- They have experience at government contracting.
  • Healthcare organizations- They help them to maintain compliance.
  • Law Firms- They secure the data of law firms.
  • Insurance Companies- They secure data and provide compliance to insurance compan
  • Non Profit Organizations- They work at these organizations to create maximum impact at minimum cost.
  • Design Firms- They minimise the downtime at architect and interior design firms.

Mibn Company provides CYBER SECURITY, or bi-weekly health scorecards adressing any vulnerability in your network because they believe that transparency is the key to healthy relationship with clients. Their vision is to establish a global name and to bring a revelation in the field of technology management.

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