Each one of us needs a break from the tedious working hours and the nerve-racking routine. So, a vacation out in the hills with a caravan is perfect to rejuvenate your soul and give you a fresher mind and newer thinking. The problem that arises is money, how can one find an ideal Getaway atContinue reading “CARAVANS CREATING MEMORIES”

Camping in West and Sydney NSW

Had a rough week? Searching for a place to relax? After hours of searching, still not decided where to go?  Peak hill Caravan Park is one such option to get a perfect weekend, be it in the scorching summers or freezing winter. New South Wales, host to beautiful coastal areas, lush bush pasturelands, the majesticContinue reading “Camping in West and Sydney NSW”

Let all of your Weekends be Happening with us!

Shady sites is what everyone craves for in hot crouching summers. But it’s difficult to find one if you stay in Australia. Peak Hill Caravan Park is one such place wherein you can get shady sites in summers and heated showers in sheer winters. It’s not possible to bring the temperature down but an ensuiteContinue reading “Let all of your Weekends be Happening with us!”