Residential Paving Service in Ottawa

Driveways and pavements are part of our daily lives. With time, the paving gets damaged and causes hindrance in the movement of cars. To maintain the functionality and smoothness of the surface, it is important to repair and maintain the paving. CanArk is a highly regarded company that provides residential paving services to the house owners who need everything to be just perfect in the surroundings.

Asphalt, concrete and interlock designs are quite popular types of pavements that are preferred by people. CanArk is known for successful delivery of every project related to paving and landscaping design. When it comes to residential paving, different things like pothole repair, crack filling, crack sealing, driveway extension are included in the service.

After giving the contract to the specialists, you just need to relax as a team will be working sincerely to provide the best quality work. Premium grade construction material is used while paving the driveway so that the customer does not face any trouble afterwards. With help of a professional team, the residential paving service in Ottawa is executed. Not only paving, but sealing, landscaping and excavation service is also provided by CanArk.

After measuring and examining the area, a proper plan is chalked out. All the debris and unwanted particles are removed to ensure smooth base of the driveway. Spreading and pressing of asphalt layer is done with machines to ensure even surface. Oil-based sealers are also utilized to save the paving from the effect of temperature. Right from the scratch to the final step, everything is done under supervision of experienced people.

Repair work is done accurately by the staff within a certain time frame. The convenience of the customer is kept at utmost importance. Request free quote from CanArk and get the advantage of excellent residential paving service in Ottawa. If you are satisfied with the work, then refer the service to your neighbor or friend and get an amazing 5% discount.

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