Paving and Interlock Design Experts

Driveways and pavements are subjected to various types of damages. Extreme climate conditions and excessive movement of vehicles can cause the surface to become uneven and inappropriate for further use. If you feel that there is a need of paving in your surroundings, then you must reach out the CanArk which is one of the leading Ottawa Paving Companies.

The company chiefly specializes in Asphalt paving. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, get the paving done by CanArk experts and get shiny smooth roads for vehicles. Every small task like crack filling and sealing is given proper attention.

One of the reliable Ottawa paving companies, CanArk believes in timely completion of project and ensures customer satisfaction. An excavation team and paving team prepare a step-by-step plan to renovate the old driveway or constructing a new one. Pavements made up of asphalt are considered to be long lasting as this material binds the sand and gravels well.

Using the granular A, a strong base of the paving is made. After this, the slope for water and drainage system is checked so that the problem of water clogging never arises in the future. Then, a layer of asphalt is laid and pressed down with help of roller. This process may look complicated, but for the experts at CanArk, it is surely an easy task.

Best of the equipment and raw material is used to provide durable results. As a home owner, we always need a point of contact that is always available for help. Staff at CanArk is just a call away whenever you have problem related to interlock designs and paving. Being one of the oldest Ottawa paving companies, CanArk has earned a good reputation as paving specialists. So, trust the experts and forget all the worries about repair and maintenance.

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