Asphalt Paving in Ottawa

If you need a newly paved driveway at your home, then asphalt paving can be a great choice. Asphalt is a composite and long-lasting material that is often used for the pavement of surfaces. It is important to hire the best workers for the pavement of driveways as poorly constructed pavements provides inconvenience in walking and driving. CanArk provides reliable and quality paving and landscaping services.

It has ten years of experience in asphalt paving and provides various services like pothole repair, driveway widening, crack sealing and filling. With the help of excavating team and paving team, everything is done in a systematic manner. The professionals work with best equipment and keep customer satisfaction as the utmost priority.

The process starts by the removal of the old pavement and evaluation of the area where new pavement has to be constructed. In the second step, the granular A is added and a proper drainage system is ensured. The professionals at CanArk make sure that water does not accumulate on the garage floor. A paving machine is used to lay the asphalt driveway in the third step. To prevent cracks and unevenness in the fourth step, a finish roller is used to make the driveway more compact and tight.

A driveway is an important part for any residential or commercial property. It’s aesthetic and functional dimension must be maintained. Whenever you see that the driveway has started getting the cracks, pot holes or has issues with drainage system, never hesitate to get the consultation from experts.

Paving is actually a tedious process that requires quality workmanship and proper planning. With the help of good quality material and experienced professionals, the asphalt paving may also last up to 20 years. So, if you have been planning to get a new driveway, then get the service from CanArk at an affordable price.

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