Where can you use this red insulating varnish?

Red insulating varnish is considered as an excellent protective coating for electrical equipment and components. ASV RC 60 red insulating varnish is one of the finest products that provide excellent insulating properties. You can easily place the order for this varnish from online shop of Technical Beacons for Trading. Being a leading supplier of industrial material, it offers a wide range of spray varnishes.

Where can you use this red insulating varnish?

This varnish is used in motor windings, bus bars, terminals, stator coils, magnets, transformers, generators, circuit boards and much more. The ability to prevent corrosion and provide insulation makes the red insulating varnish a very useful product for several industries.

Why is it popular?

It is a popular choice among the industries due to some of the amazing features. Coating of this varnish protects the metal parts from corrosion and moisture. It quickly transforms into a glossy and flexible film after application. The coating is hard and does not crack or peel and also provides resistance to shocks and chemical abrasions.

With temperature class of 155c and soaring dielectric strength, this red insulating varnish is used in metal windings and coils. It also provides resistance against oil, moisture, weathering and chemicals.

The ASV varnish is available in two types of packaging: 4 liter container and 500 ml. aerosol spray. The big container has the shelf life of 12 months while the aerosol spray can be used for 24 months. These are some of the benefits of using this varnish that makes it useful for industries to maintain electrical and metal components from day to day wear and tear.

If you want to place the order for red insulating varnish for maintenance purposes, then must do it at our online shop. Different surface and anti-corrosion coating products are available at wholesale price online.

Why to order from Technical Beacons for Trading?

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