Smoke Detector Test Spray

Are you looking for a product that can check the functionality of photoelectrical smoke detectors and smoke switches? If yes, then you can order the smoke detector test spray from brand WEICON at Technical Beacons for Trading.

The spray not only tests the battery of the smoke detector but also checks the unwanted particles that clog the vents and do not allow the smoke to enter the sensing chamber. It is a safe product that is used by industrial plants, households and public facilities. The smoke detector test spray is an essential product as it ensures safety from any adverse circumstances. If you need it in bulk, then you can get wholesale quote online at our online platform.

Some properties of Smoke detector test spray

This spray stimulates smoke and helps in testing the performance of smoke detectors used for commercial and residential purposes. It is an aerosol spray and you can use it by standing on the floor.

Using this spray is easy and no residue is left in the smoke detectors after the application. It is a safe option for electronics. You also don’t have to worry about discoloration of the surrounding areas as the spray is non-staining. The non-toxic gas released from this spray never damages the internal circuits.

It is an easy to handle and convenient to use product that comes in a clean and handy packaging. The smoke detector test spray is available in two sizes: 150 ml and 250 ml. It is silicone free and can be stored for 24 months.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and properties of the smoke detector test spray, you must be willing to purchase it as well. For that you just need to add this product to cart in the online store of Technical Beacons for Trading and get the delivery done at the doorstep.

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