Three Different Types of Industrial Maintenance Products

Industrial chemical supplies are essential to deal with the wear and tear caused by the excessive usage, unwanted particles and adverse climate conditions. Industries need various products like adhesives & sealants, cleaners & degreasers, putty, greases & oils and safety tools. Let’s discuss about the three of them: Di – Electric Silicon Grease, Wire Rope Lubricant, Plastic Steel Putty A.
Industrial Maintenance Products
  1. Di-Electric Silicon Grease: Also known as tune-up grease, this grease prevents corrosion of electrical connections. Silicone oil and thickener are combined to make this grease. It helps in reducing the damage caused by the water, dirt and other unwanted particles to the electrical connections. The water-repellent property makes it an excellent option for marine applications.  Automotive industry, chemical laboratories and plumbing industries use Di-electric silicon grease as a maintenance product.
  • Wire Rope Lubricant: It is used to extend the life of wires, ropes and chains. The application of wire rope lubricant is done in cranes, suspension bridges, elevators and shovels. There are two types of wire rope lubricants namely, penetrating and coating. Penetrating lubricant reaches the core of each strand to provide protection while the coating lubricant prevents the damage caused to the outside layer because of rust and corrosion.
  • Plastic Steel Putty A: It is used to seal the bonds of metals, plastics and concrete. With excellent resistance to water, oil and gasoline, this putty forms a hard mass at room temperature. This is a nice option to repair or fix the place where welding and brazing is not possible. The patch which is repaired by plastic steel putty A can be painted and drilled easily.
Plastic Steel Putty A

For long lasting maintenance of machines and various parts used in different industries, purchase of high-quality industrial chemical supplies is a must. Get premium quality products at a decent price from Technical Beacons for Trading and gift the equipment a longer life.

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