Corrosion inhibitors work through their conversion coating properties and chemicals designed to ensure the long-lasting life of surfaces. These solutions target the surface of materials by sealing out moisture and refining the coating adhesion. These industrial cleaning supplies are meant to resolve the cleaning problems that clients face in their day to day life.

Technical Beacons for Trading

Technical Beacons’ coating and rust protection products are specially designed to perform a similar role for clients looking for solutions that can perform an effective job. As commercial cleaning suppliers, we pride ourselves to be the industry leaders whose supplies are specially formulated and approved to meet the industry standards.

Silicone Spray

The high-grade silicone-based lubricants and sprays available with industrial cleaning solution providers work for restoring, cleaning and refurnishing the majority of surfaces. With water-resistant and other strong properties, they act as mould release solutions created to restore objects.

The solutions work in a variety of engineering and manufacturing situations like:

  • Car valeting services
  • Small engineering firms
  • Plastics manufacturers 
  • Clothing manufacturers

Rust Remover

Specially formulated for the descaling of ferrous metals, rust removers are used on surfaces that have lost their charm to the well-built rust. The product’s high pH value maintains dimensional tolerances and prevents the chances of hydrogen embrittlement.

  • Excellent penetration in hard to reach areas
  • Non-staining and non-corrosive

Rust Converter

Rust Conversion coatings are formulated from chemicals that alter different types of surfaces and create a superficial layer over them to act as the protective shield. The chemical coating helps in improving paint adhesion and preventing corrosion to undercut the coatings. 

Technical Beacons supply and manufacture commercial and industrial cleaning products that provide a safe and effective solution for the long life of products.

Our value for money solutions backed by exceptional customer services delivers quality solutions and not just quick fixes.

To know more about our superior performance products like RTV High-Temp Gasket Maker red and Rust Converters, contact us today only.

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