Quality Security & Protection

Door locks are one of the most crucial elements of our house that often go unnoticed. These are the components that keep us safe and protects our property from potential robbery. Whether you’re wishing to enhance your security or trying to protect your loved ones from unforeseen dangers, a good quality lock system will surely take the burden off your shoulders. Since most door locks are quite tough and can withstand heavy impacts, not much attention is paid when choosing them.

 When in doubt of your security, reliable companies having good quality locks must be trusted. Borg locks is one such name. Classified as an experienced & powerful enterprise that deals in technically proven innovation systems, our company produces locks that are backed up from the leaders of the automation industry. Our finest doors solutions guarantee complete safety, durability & much-required protection.

Types Of Locks We Provide

These locks are not just limited to a selected range. Given below are a few types of security locks providing users with easier access:

  • Marine Locks – Marine locks are a reliable option when it comes to achieving high resistance and beating weathering corrosion. This solution does not get affected by bu saline environments.
  • Keypad Door – This popular lock for residential or commercial spaces consists of a simple keypad with digits, along with a lever for opening the door once the code entered is correct.
  • Code Lock – Since these form of locks are easier to remember, they are seen as a popular option for families protecting their residential spaces.
  • Keyless lock – A keyless entry system eliminates the concern of security weakness that comes with the keyed entry system. The product relies on battery power and does not contain a key slot.
  • Digital Lock – If you’re looking for an advanced keyless entry system with a touchscreen and fingerprint option as well, go for our digital lock system that comes with a hidden back-up key slot.

 We understand how you’ve worked hard to come this far in your life. So why not protect your premises with a security system that would guarantee your safety. Call Borg locks today only.

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