To make Sewage treatment plant acceptable for reuse or for returning to the environment, the concentration of contaminants must be reduced to a safe level, usually a standard set by treating them efficiently. The process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage water includes physical, biological and sometimes chemical processes in order to produce an environmentally safe solution.


This job of designing and constructing sewage works falls to environmental engineers like the ones present at EEC Global Operation LLC, the Inventor and pioneer of the MBBR technology. Through more than 1000 systems installed on a global scale, EEC Global Operation LLC offers the EEC High-Speed Bio Tec MBBR and MBR wastewater treatment technology systems for specialized domestic residential, commercial and industrial applications in sewage wastewater treatments.

Who Are They?

Founded in Norway 1976 by Mr Bjorn Sundbakken, EEC has found crucial recognitions in the domestic and international arena for its Western water treatment plant. Its unique ability in this highly specialized field offers flexibility to clients when navigation through tumultuous currency fluctuations becomes increasingly important. It relies on the engagement team approach to provide the right mix of expertise needed to handle each case’s unique needs.

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Their Products

The company has systematically received the highest awards and recognitions from some of the most demanding customers in the market, including the U.S. Military, Volkswagon, coca-cola and many other MNCs. Some of its products are:


  • EEC Mini Plants – MBBR
  • EEC Engineering
  • EEC High-Speed Bio-Tec – MBBR
  • Military Systems
  • EEC High-Speed Bio-Tec – MBR
  • EEC RO – UF – NANO
  • Sewage wastewater treatment

Utilizing the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented techniques, the dedicated staff of the centre, their well trained and certified technicians make sure that you receive the proper system for your particular needs.


The company believes in building long term relationships with our clients and respect their uniqueness by treating them individually with an approachable style.

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