5 Ways to Avoid a Sewer or Drain-Cleaning Scam

The abundance of unscrupulous entrepreneurs in the Sewer Line Cleaning Etobicoke and drain-cleaning business has led to an all-time low in trustworthiness for the industry.

Plumbing Etobicoke has come up with certain five tips to avoid becoming the victim of a scam or unnecessary service for your sewer or drain:


  • Know how to spot the wrong questions: Some business owners prey upon the elderly and widowed. They train employees how to spot a susceptible candidate, and then teach them to ask questions such as “Is your husband at home?” or “Are you divorced?”
  • Watch out for evidence: Employees of dishonest company owners learn techniques to convince homeowners they have problems that are more serious than they actually are. Some travel in pairs. While one is upstairs getting information about the customer, the other is downstairs spreading dirt in specific spots that they’ll say indicate the sewer pipe is broken or something.


  • Make sure you’re not watching a rerun: Video inspections and jetting can be valuable tools for our industry if used properly, but when put in unscrupulous hands, they can cause people misery. Video cameras are useful in locating buried septic systems or inspecting the condition of buried pipes to determine proper maintenance schedules or the extent of necessary Drain Repair Etobicoke.
  • A few notes about liners: Liners are another popular product sewer cleaners sell these days. A liner is a cloth tube covered on one side with a layer of PVC, which is embedded with a two-part epoxy resin. Service providers then usually blow the liner into an existing pipe.


  • Remember the basics: Remember to check the background and research reviews of your sewer cleaning company. If someone is using fear of costly sewer-overflow damage or pushing high-press`ure sales techniques, take a step back and get a second opinion

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