Structuring a favorable deal requires extensive knowledge of debt and equity capital markets and sources, the analytical skills to compare competing offers, and the transaction expertise of a knowledgeable advisor to maximize value.

Depth of EXPERIENCE: can offer clear objectivity and deep knowledge to help avoid unfavorable outcomes, and assess the right strategic partners.

Optimizing Capital STRUCTURE: solidifies a complete long-term vision for your companies’ accounting and ownership structure.

Detailed PREPARATION: your preparation to increase your chances of successful funding.


We (Timothy Crawford) are an Advisory Investment Bank that will consult your company on high level issues of raising capital, financial organization that includes accounting and corporate structure as well as, investor document communication and negotiation.

Our commitment to remaining independent from direct lending sources or investment capital affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased       guidance and helps to increase competition among potential capital sources.

As an Advisory Investment Bank, our role is to evaluate your company’s financial needs and to help you raise the type of capital that best fits those needs. The term “Corporate Finance” is associated with transactions in which capital is raised in order to create, develop, or grow businesses – i.e. with transactions in which capital is raised for the corporation. In the Public and Private Markets, these may include:

  • Raising seed, start-up, development or expansion capital
  • Mergers, demergers, acquisitions or the sale of private companies
  • Mergers, demergers and takeovers of public companies, including public-to-private deals
  • Raising capital via the issue of other forms of equity, debt and related securities for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses
  • Secondary equity issues, whether by means of private placing or further issues on a stock market, especially where linked to one of the transactions listed above
  • Raising debt and restructuring debt, especially when linked to the types of transactions listed above

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Execution experience:

Recapitalization and liquidity strategy

Selling a business

Divestiture strategy

Private Investments in Public Companies (PIPEs)

Buying a business

Marketing pitch books & teasers

Roll-ups and consolidation strategy

Debt Refinancing

Management buyout strategy (MBO)

Funding partners

Financial Solutions

Capital consulting Inc.

Advisory Investment Bank


Consulting disciplines:

Capital strategy

Accounting structuring

Intellectual property strategy

Marketing document strategy

Compliance for fundraising

Due diligence

Restructuring Debt

Financial Advisor Columbus

Financial Services Columbus


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