JUMPING KIDS- Bundles of Happiness

Kids are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are numerous benefits of outdoor play that allows them to grow freely while developing their muscle strength and shaping their minds. However, finding satisfaction and security with such games cannot be always guaranteed due to some risks involved in them. In such a scenario where their growth is necessary along with fun, flexibility, safety Jumping Castles Canberra- Sydney are observed to be the best medium to deliver all the above-mentioned aspects in their activities.


One such company delivering these joys at doorsteps is Hire Jumping Castles, offering you the best of their services to lift the level of your parties and make them more memorable with their fun products. With their latest adventure castles filled with slides and inflatable animals for the kids to ride on the promise to deliver the best way to have fun in summers.

Who Choose Them?

Jumping Castle Canberra – Sydney to have a vast range of castles to spoil your child with their favorite choices of some of the most amazing and inspiring characters. While operating right through  CANBERRA with their standard products and services, they cater for a wide range of functions including birthdays, sports presentations, christenings, fundraising, corporate events, etc.

 What Products Do They Provide?

  • Kids Jumper Characters like the little mermaid, minions, batman castles are provided for children as an escape to their colorful world.
  • Kids Combo Castles They have a vast range of castles like pirate jumpers to offer your child their favorite choice.
  • Adult Fun HouseProducts like dart ball, bungee run, adult boxing, gladiator duals are also offered to adults

What Makes Them The Best?

  • Competitive Prices
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Trustworthy Services
  • Devoted Staff
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


Hire Jumping Castle Canberra- Sydney places fun and entertainment for all ages on top through their commitment to safety and excellence in customer service. With their highest quality inflatable rental equipment with fast and friendly service at reasonable rates, their bounce houses and water slides offer a type of children’s entertainment that will ALWAYS be a big hit at any event in addition to ensuring the safety and dedication their customers deserve.

So sit tight and watch your kids escaping into their colorful worlds with Hire Jumping Castle’s bouncing bundles of happiness.

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