What is life insurance?

Life Insurance is a category of insurance policy that one signs in contract with an insurance company. Insurance Agency Allentown defines a Life insurance cover as an official commitment where the client (customer) makes premium payments to the insurance agency and receives a lump-sum payment on the occurrence of customer’s death or any family member (depends on chosen life insurance cover).


Life insurance cover is one of the significant factors of one’s living. While choosing the right life insurance cover, one considers the betterment of family and its future financial wellbeing. Today, Allentown insurance agency presents a few tricks to purchasing a valuable financial product like life Insurance cover. Take a glimpse—

Premium cost

Once a customer signs up for a life insurance cover, he/she is official obliged to pay the set premium on the set schedule. Life insurance agent mentions “life insurance’s premium is set according to the plan chosen. A customer must choose a life insurance cover according to his income per month/annum, forecast expenditure and capabilities to save per month.”  It is noteworthy to mention that if the customer fails to pay the premium instalment on time, he/she may lose all the benefits of the cover.

Consult professional Insurance service providers

It is important to acknowledge life insurance cover from A to Z before making any legal commitments. Allentown Insurance agency suggests that customer must consult a life insurance agent to learn all the terms and conditions regarding a life insurance cover. Indeed, commercial insurance agents can sincerely help in choosing the right life insurance cover as they calculate premium according to the customer’s income and current financial position.


Meet your family doctor

Before signing for any life insurance cover, a client must consider meeting his family doctor as doctors can tell about health in details. A customer can easily figure which life insurance cover to choose if he/she knows about health conditions of own or family members. A life insurance policy can be scheduled for a specific time period or till death.

Lump sum or annuity payment

There are two categories of Life Insurance cover—in one where a customer gets lump sum payment (one-time payment) and annuity payment (death benefits in instalment in annual payments). It is noteworthy to mention that the lump sum payment remains tax-free. On the other hand, annuity payout life insurance cover is also sub-categorized.

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