Flowers are a source of mood lightening for people on a busy day. On various occasions like wedding or birthday parties, flowers are used for heavy decorations. However, it is noteworthy to mention that flowers are quite a delicate component of the flora. A wholesale florist NYC shares his experience and says “there are few tricks that are used by florist all over the world to keep the flowers like roses in bulk New York fresh.” Customers should also use these tricks when they buy roses in bulk New York. Take a glimpse—


Clean the vase every day

In places like restaurants, roses are commonly found portrayed in a vase in the very middle of each table. What a beautiful gesture it imparts! To these restaurant caretakers, while changing the water in the flower vase, it is recommendable to clean it as well. Your florist may not tell you this, but vase’s inner surface may contain bacteria which may dissolve into changed water and lessen the lifetime of flowers in the vase.

Flowers are Scentless — not the Nose!

While buying bulk flowers in New York, some customers may wonder why they cannot smell the rose (or any other flower) perfectly? Well! It is definitely not your nose’s problem. It is actually flowers nowadays. Today, the florist may try to sell you chemically grown flowers. These flowers do not smell as much as a natural flower may. Hence, always confirm from your florist if the flowers (you buying) are naturally grown.

February isn’t pocket-friendly

February is not always a good time to buy flowers in bulk new York. Indeed, in the month of February, florists sell flowers at double or triple rate as compared to normal market rate. Hence, if you are planning any floral decoration for an occasion in February, drop the idea! Or, if you do not want to drop it, go for New York Flower Guy, the online Wedding flowers NYC, an affordable flower shop.


Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

Do you know, you can go back to your florist and exchange an old cheap glass vase with a new one? Yes! Florists actually do so. Indeed, it is a great deal which helps to protect the environment too. The old glass vase that customers return to florists, they further move the glass vase for recycling and hence, save the environment in their own way.

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