During holidays, children take quite an interest in playing on jumping castles. Adelaide Jumping Castles stay in demand especially on occasional celebrations like birthdays, 1st-grade graduation party and even weddings. However, while hiring cheapest jumping castles Adelaide, one usually forgets to consider a few factors which can improve and degrade the playful experience of kids.


Size of the castle

For instance, Spiderman Jumping Castle Adelaide       come in various sizes. A customer can literally hire Adelaide Jumping Castles and mistake the factor “size.” This hire can be of zero use if the children at home are in between 8-10 age but the castle is comforting for only 3-4 years kids as per the size.

Service > Price

While hiring Jumping Castles Adelaide Sydney, one must look out for a company which provides maximum services at minimum cost. You may think that what kind of additional services you may require as the jumping castle is only a kid’s bouncy place to play on. However, there are few like—trail on the jumping castle to see the flexibility, inspect for any existing damage, delivery, and instalment of jumping castles Adelaide at the required place of the occasion.

Transportation and storage cost

If you are looking forward to transporting Jumping castles Adelaide from one place to another, you must consider the cost for the same. Jumping castles come in different sizes and hence, the cost stays flexible accordingly. On the other hand, jumping castles may also be delivered to you from overseas as these are stored by inflammable rentals company. Thus, in the total payable amount on hiring, the company may also charge storage and transportation cost which can impact your budget.


Safety concerns for kids

In the past few years, there are cases that have been reported where kids get highly injured while jumping on castles. Undoubtedly, it is impossible for parents to stand by the kids all the time while they enjoy playing on the castle during a special occasion. There are a few safety measures that they can take.

  • Carry out a full inspection of the castle before taking into use.
  • Ensure the walls of the jumping castle are firm and not over slippery
  • Make sure, the jumping castle does not have any hole-like space where kids’ can get stuck
  • While installing jumping castle, make sure the place is open and does not cause any suffocation to any kids.
  • Check the internal air pressure of the jumping castle from time-to-time

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