When you travel across the city with stranger-driver, you often think in an inappropriate way. Well! It is of course not your mistake but the criminal world which makes your mind negative in the context of strangers. However, to avoid a continuous series of criminal scenarios in people’s mind during a taxi ride, AMPM Taxi experts are presenting a few tips on how you can make your taxi ride safe and sound. Take a glimpse—


Say “NO” to Independent Taxis

According to past year criminal records, a few cases came into the spotlight where independent taxi drivers customer hail for a ride to, turns out to be robbers or simply murderers. Hence, leading taxi agencies in the cities have grasped a grip of trust among people. If you are looking forward to riding in Irving, don’t hail for a ride to independent drivers on road. Book an AMPM Taxi WITH On Time cab Services!

Check out the taxi’s condition

Do you know which taxi driver is licensed and which is not? Well! Let’s explain! There are few signs of licensed conveyance like Taxi including—a meter, a radio, a proper door handle, and a vehicle’s ID badge.  More often than not, taxis with no or broken door handles are turned out to be a source for kidnapping travellers or civilian on the roads.

Avoid carrying expensive stuff

Let’s not forget the basic rule of travelling via private transportation mode; expensive jewels aren’t safe to carry. Of course, you don’t want to be getting dropped off at your location with all your expensive jewels gone, do you? Besides, in case it is quite important for you to carry expensive things, make sure you carry them safely packed and do not create any suspense among the other riders in sharing a taxi.

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Close the windows

Criminals are sometimes underrated by the people. You are simply riding with your taxi’s windows open for some fresh air. It becomes easy for any robber to take advantage of your comfort and make his way to your purse or mobile phone or any other expensive stuff through the open window. Until the time you understand what is happening, it would already happen. Hence, Close the windows, always!

Speed Dial = Emergency number

It is significant that you are always ready for the worse. Hence, save an emergency number to your speed dial. Today, technology has made it easier for police to track down the location of the riders through their call records or simply through one call. It depends on you, what’s your call?

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