E-commerce solutions Dubai presents beginners manual to new age Entrepreneurs whose day start with counting on online statistics of the online customers and sales made. However, there is always another part of the online business that is “shipping.” Of course, when a customer purchases a product online, he/she expects delivery of the product to his/her doorsteps. Here is a glimpse of a few factors that new age entrepreneurs must consider while implementing a permanent E-commerce shipping solution—


Weight of the product

Products are normally weighed less than the actual weight while shipping. This is because of the packaging of the products. On the other hand, a few products do not require detailed packaging like pillows. In such a situation, dimensional shipping charges are considered. However, Digital solutions of E-commerce expertise team suggest “one way or another, either dimensional or usual shipping charges cost more, hence, it depends on the type of product for the entrepreneur to choose the right shipping cost method.”

Shipping Software

More often than not, most e-commerce platforms do not get to the stage of success because of ignoring the latest technological solution available. Undoubtedly, the advanced shipping software can help the entrepreneur to save loads of money on shipping labels from a local store or post office. Indeed, via shipping software, an entrepreneur can integrate with the marketplace and forecast a few strategies for the future.

Brand representation

Data management service Dubai experts mention “for the growth of any online business, brand representation stands an important factor.” When it comes to local suppliers, they supply the product with either no brand representing a pack or just a label. As an e-commerce platform, an entrepreneur can grasp a keen packing strategy to ensure its brand representation and acknowledgment among the customers.


Sales > Shipping cost

End to end commerce solution experts conclude that sales must be the primary focus for any online business rather than the shipping cost. More often, new businesses suffer due to zero % of the profit on a few categories of products because of the shipping cost. However, in the long run, customers’ trust and 100% satisfaction is worth more. For own satisfaction, an entrepreneur can consider setting a weekly shipping cost rather than minding about shipping cost on each product. Shipping cost management can help the business to grow faster.

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