Computer hacks surely make the job easy. However, today when kids start to learn computer in school, they barely pay attention to the text in the computer guide and skip on the shortcut hacks. A lady shares her experience; she mentions “last weekend I took my kid to a computer store Georgia where he comes across learning few computer shortcuts through a computer expert in the store. The expert was friendly and gives my kid a valuable part of his time.” Indeed, the shortcut hacks to improve the computer skills of an individual and help to get the job done quickly. Here are few efficient shortcuts—


Reverse your actions—Simply Undo!

When it comes to reversing your mistakes while doing a project, students have to go a long way to correct. However, using undo and redo shortcut keys, they may enjoy the comfort of correcting their mistakes. Besides, sometimes in a hurry, we erase whatever we’ve written and felt like we lost the stuff forever. Well no! We just need to Undo it (Ctrl+Z). Indeed, you can also redo using Ctrl+Y.

Take a quick screen clear Screenshot

Today, technology has allowed us to save the screen into an image through a screenshot. Well! Unlike usual screenshot trick—shift+ print screen key, newer generation operating system has other tricks to take a screenshot. For instance, in Mac IOS, you need to press shift+command+4. In a few other operating platforms, simply dragging the screen to one corner and hold on to space bar is enough.

Images extraction in Microsoft Word Document

Completion of the project pulls off difficult for kids out there who have multiples to complete around the assignment month. Windows help Jersey experts say extraction of images in a word .docx is an easy and smart choice. Step one: change word document file from (.docx) to (.zip) and reopen. All the pictures will move to the directory (Team Foundation Server).

60409850_1816175861815434_8792802046467112960_o (1).jpg

Night mode “On”

This trick is not only a treat to the kids but also for people who spend nights while working on their computer. You can switch on a computer screen to “Night mode” by using F.lux. Indeed, this trick also works for a few brands of smartphones as well.

Close programs running in the background

While having trouble to boot your computer, you can try to give yourself a break and try this trick. Why? Booting becomes a problem where there are far more programs are running in your laptop or computer in the background. Try CTRL+Shift+Esc and boot again.

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