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Cybercrime has become a booming industry, accelerating in the last 5 years, complete with automated tools, IT Support Georgia, customer support, and guarantees for product effectiveness. Security professionals need to enable a productive work environment while providing all of the controls needed to protect the organisation’s data and customers.

IT Gurus of Atlanta has come out with certain specific kind of threats which are quite common:

  1. Enforce allowed interactions between your data and your users: The network is like a virtual highway connecting users and customers to important data and dramatically increasing productivity. Data is constantly in transit, and because sources, destinations, and the paths in between them are becoming more virtualised, network traffic is increasingly complex. Roads that lead to critical data stores and valuable assets must be protected because it’s not always obvious when access is abused.
  2. Identify threats on all applications, ports, users and devices, all the time: Attackers purposely craft threats to lurk in the dark corners of organisations by utilising deceptive techniques, like applications that port-hop and use non-standard ports, using protocols that aren’t anticipated, and disguising themselves as benign files.
  3. Protect data at multiple stages in the attack lifecycle: All attacks are comprised of multiple stages strung together to form the attack lifecycle and all stages must succeed before the attacker’s objective can be met. Stand-alone security tools, like traditional IPS or Web proxies that focus solely on one stage may fail, especially where new or unknown techniques are used.
  4. Outsmart advanced threats specifically designed to outmanoeuvre security tools: It’s incredibly easy for attackers to modify existing malware and exploits to make them essentially “unknown” to bypass traditional defences. These minor variations in threats create moving targets for security tools with static protections.
  5. Facilitate the translation of new intelligence into protections within security policies: The challenge with sophisticated attacks for security teams is that some of the attack components may be completely new – true zero-day threats.


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