European Directives Are Here To Save Your Home from Any Illegal Activity

A home is a place where every person finds the most of their peace time as they spend quality time with their loved ones. This place is more than just about four walls as it hold millions of good and bad memories. Every person builds their home with a lot of efforts and hard work by earning from years and years. So this small home is the proof of their years of hardship. They spend their love life there and then the childhood of their kids and then their teenage and then their marriage and then their old age there. So they build this place by keeping in mind that they have to spend their rest of life there and thus keep on putting efforts to make it even more beautiful.


But just imagine that one day when you are homeless and have no place to even sleep. Even this thought can disturb any person for many days as your whole family is dependent on that house. But unfortunately this is the case in Ireland; people are just losing their homes in the name of laws and practices made by the kangaroo courts. It is shocking and distressing news that only 55% of Irish judges are trained in EU law. This hidden statement was released by European Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes and this means that the other 45% of untrained judges in Ireland are making life changing decisions with people life’s giving possession orders over their constitutionally EU law Protecting Home

All banks have been bullying people for too long and courts have allowed them to get away it. And this illegal activity of government and courts is leading to Marriage Breakdown, Suicide, Mental Health Problems, and Depression as people are just losing their home in minutes without any legal proofs. They are given a Friday letter, and this letter was timed to land on their doormat on Friday. This timing meant that the receiver of that letter would be unable to contact any legal adviser until Monday to get advice which would mean they would spend the whole weekend stressed and worrying probably without any sleep.


To solve this big scandal, Mortgage Arrears Arrest is here with their social enterprise intended to make all Irish citizens aware of the legal rights and sue these Registers, Judges, Solicitors, and Banks. They understand for a person to lose their family home, the scares never leave them and the embarrassment and the shame just destroy their life. They have solicitors and barristers on board to sue these people and bring them to task.

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