Best DJ in the Town!

Music plays an integral part in the success of any event. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, celebration, social or corporate event, music is key to the success of any celebration. For over 40 years we’ve seen significant changes in genres and styles of music but essentially, nothing has changed on the dance floor apart from time.


90’s and R&B seem to be the most popular go to style and genre now, as it fits the demographic of most guests at Armenian DJ for Private Events.

So let us talk about the tips and advice you need to ensure your on the right path to ensure a full dance floor with DJ Raffy.

We, at DJ Raffy, are known to have managed and performed in thousands of events and have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. It’s this experience that we love to pass on to our clients to ensure that your event 2is your way, your music, and has the WOW factor.

We all know that building the momentum in the room starts from the very beginning and your Wedding DJ San Francisco needs to be able to speak clearly, concisely and in a professional manner, but most importantly have FUN. Guests will decide in the first 2.8 seconds after the microphone is opened whether it’s going to be a good or bad night. Your music needs to gather momentum and provide the right atmosphere, at the right volume to gain the best results. Atmosphere is also created from the start allowing guests the opportunity to mingle over easy listening music, whilst they’ve come together to network or catch up


We will always endeavour to get you to list your exclusive music planning portal, your must plays, family, friends and favourites and do not plays….the songs that upset people, that may have been played at a funeral, from a previous relationship, or that you definitely do not want played.

And that’s what we are good at.

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