Expertise in Handling Repossession Cases

Home loans become a big liability with time and dealing with banks and subprime lenders turn out to be nerve-racking. People undergo a heavy loss in order to avoid it because no external help is available. On the contrary, a trustworthy company helping people in Court Repossessions is hard to find especially in Ireland. If this is what you have in mind, then, European Directives is here at your aid. Mortgage Arrears Assist is a social enterprise in Ireland which helps people fight their bank and hold expertise in handling repossession cases.


What services do Mortgage Arrears, Ireland provide?

  • Re-Mortgaging in Ireland- Prevent you from getting fooled when you sell your house and rent it back.
  • EU Law Protecting Home- Protects home from bank repossession.
  • Mortgage bank loans in Ireland- Provide loans to repay bank loans of the mortgage.
  • Stop Receivers in Ireland- Offer Receivership in Ireland and stop receivers help in repossession.
  • European Legal Directives- Trained directives of the company assist the client.
  • Free Legal Advice- Panel solicitors prepared to give free legal advice in cases where the bank has used unfair norms in the mortgage contracts.
  • Mortgage loan Questionnaire- It is a questionnaire which is to be filled when company calls.
  • Negative Equity Write-down- Negotiate on negative equity by using a European Directive.
  • Mortgage Arrears Suspended- Legal action is void if the bank breaks your contract first.
  • Get Compensation- Along with full refund you may get compensation for any modification you made to the property.

We take the time to hear you out, to precisely comprehend your unique individual circumstances, and make a personalized mortgage offer that meets you and your requirements best. We provide: European legal Directives, EU law Protecting Home, Court Repossessions, Receiverships, Remortgaging cost, Tracker loans, Stop receivers, and Mortgage bank loans in Ireland.


Our aim is for the Broker firms to convey fair whole of market home loan guidance to you with hundreds of products sought by them immediately sparing clients a tremendous measure of time and money. For further details reach us now; we are happy to help you.

The mission of Mortgage Arrears, Ireland is to impart knowledge about the legal rights to the Irish citizens and to sue the banks who give unjust treatment to their clients. The organization aims at easing the financial pressure and protecting people from anything unjust.

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