Travel Destinations In Nepal To Escape The Metropolitan’s Maddening Crowd

Travel is something that makes you a better human being and cultivates many qualities in you which are not taught in schools and colleges. It makes you a kind of person people gravitate toward and want to be around. Once you start Trekking in Himalayas Nepal you will deal with different situations like: missed flights, slow buses, wrong turns, delays, bad street food, and much more. And these things become memories and you will have stories to narrate to your children and grandchildren. These experiences make you a much more flexible and adjusting person as you will learn how to adapt your plans to changing situations. And then when life throws you curveballs, you hit them out of the park.

Whenever we plan a vacation, hill stations and beaches are the two options which hit our minds first. And people who love nature and that fresh air kinda vibes always go for peaceful hilly areas where they can rejuvenate themselves. In this hectic and fast running life, we always crave for peace and positive vibes which we can find in beautiful hilly areas. Nepal is one of the most beautiful and cheapest countries to travel in the world and plus it is extremely easy to get a visa on arrival.

Nepal is a perfect place for family trip or a trip with your besties as even if you are a teen ager with all the energy in the world trying to do adventures, you can go for activities such as Bungee Jump, rafting, kayaking etc or if you are a middle aged man looking for soft adventures such as Best Weekend getaway in Nepal for you. Trekking in Nepal has always an exciting and one of the favorite destinations for all adventure enthusiasts. Nepal also specializes in programs for Hindu Pilgrims in Mount Kailash and Manasarovar, in tour programs for senior citizens.

Backpackers stick to these regions: Pokhara, Kathmandu, Kathmandu Valley, Annapurna Region and the Everest Region. Adventurous people can go on trek to the Langtang Region for a minimal permit fee. Mustang and Menalu require hefty permit fees (hundreds of dollars) but are supposed to be incredible with most jaw dropping views. Animal lovers and people who love to know about historic things also make the trip to Chitwan National Park to see rhinos and elephants.

Kathmandu is one of the most Exclusive travel destinations in Nepal where you can visit several beautiful towns in the Kathmandu Valley with beautiful temples and delicious food all day every day. Bhaktapur and Patan are one of the most beautiful places just outside the city. Bandipur and Gorka are two more great towns to visit not too far out. Kathmandu and the valley can easily keep you busy for a week or more especially if you are interested in Nepal’s history and are more into historic things…!!!

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