Step by step a place becomes a property and a property becomes a mortgage but one needs a good social enterprise organization as an assist in mortgaging. It requires a strenuous effort to find such an organization which offers a vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the banks, subprime lenders, and legal departments, especially in Ireland. So, European legal Directives is on heels to help you fight your bank with their vast knowledge and experience in dealing with banks.

What services do Mortgage Arrears, Ireland provide?

  • Free Legal Advice- They offer a panel solicitors who are prepared to give free legal advice in cases where the bank has given unfair treatment or has used illegal methods in their mortgage contracts.
  • Negative Equity Write-down- They can get Banks to negotiate on negative equity by using a European Directive which has already cost German Banks Ten Billion Euros.
  • Mortgage Arrears Suspended- It means that if the bank breaks your contract first then any legal action is void.
  • Get Compensation- This means, under a European Directive you may get the full refund of all mortgage payments you ever made plus compensation for any improvements you made to the property.
  • Mortgage loan Questionnaire- It is a questionnaire one has to fill in order to get a call from the company.

Other than this, Mortgage Arrears Assist helps in stopping bank repossessions by the EU Law or court repossessions. They forensically check the mortgage and even provide assistance in case of Mis- Sold Mortgage. They also help is Re-Mortgaging and provide legal directives if necessary.

The only mission of Mortgage Arrears, Ireland is to make all Irish citizens aware of their legal rights and sue the banks giving unjust treatment. The organization aims to inculcate people about their rights when dealing with lenders and also ease the financial pressure.

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