Want a Tuxedo – Get it or Rent!

Purchasing a tuxedo is a big investment. In terms of money and time both, you need to invest huge. What if we told you that you have a better option? Tuxedo suits in Phuket is one of the bets options to pass a function successfully without inventing much. And the best part about renting one is that this option never fails.

So if you’re thinking of renting one, it is a must read for you. New Era’s Fashion has come up with certain things that you must be aware of while renting a tuxedo.

  1. Definition: Tuxedo is a complete outfit that includes a jacket (with satin lapels and a boutonniere hole), trousers (usually with a silk stripe down the side), a bow tie, and often, a cummerbund. A tuxedo jacket comes in various styles as well. Some are classic while other models are more stylish and therefore come and go according to the current trends. Make sure you get a full tuxedo which suits you well and complements the occasion.
  2. Occasion: Is the event you’re attending a black-tie or white-tie affair? Is it at night or during the day? Looking for a classic, more conservative tuxedo or want to go all out and choose something more stylish? It’s important to ask yourself all these questions before choosing your designer tuxedo rental to ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion.
  3. Timeline: Make sure to reserve your tuxedo from an expert tailor as early as possible. For big occasions and busy event seasons (wedding, prom), we recommend reserving your tuxedo rental one to three months in advance by the best Custom Tailor in Phuket.

Although nothing compared to getting a tuxedo of your own which fits you well and is customized as oer your taste and preferences, which New Era’s Fashion believes to get you. So save your time and money both with us. To know more visit us today or call at:  943761995, http://www.erasfashion.net/


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I am Ayesha Bhargava is a SEO or SMO Executive work with Nilank Technologies. i love Fashion, Shopping and Discover New Things.

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