Myths about Real Estate Agents

Getting a property is not an easy task, no matter wherever you are living. Due to infinite numbers of problems that people face while looking for an apartment, real estate agents comes to our rescue. But there are certain myths about real estate agents that every person who wish to hire their services thinks believe in.

Farhan Associates is a renowned name in the world of real estate. Warda Hamna has shortlisted certain things due to which the real estate agents are infamous in most of the cases.

  1. Agents get a 6 percent commission, no matter what: Most people assume that their agent is pocketing the entire commission. That would be nice, but it’s just not accurate. The percentage of commission entirely depends on the kind of the Residential Buildings in Islamabad and the negotiation that takes place between the agent and the home owner.
  2. Once you start with an agent, you’re stuck with them: If you’re a seller, you sign a contract with the real estate agent and their brokerage. That contract includes a term — typically six months to a year. Once you sign the agreement, you could, in fact, be “stuck” with their agent through the term. But that’s not always the case. If things don’t work out, you can freely move out of the agreement.
  3. You can’t buy a home sale by owner (FSBO) home if you have an agent: In a previous generation, sellers who wouldn’t deal with any agents tried to sell their home directly to a buyer to save the commission. Even if you think that you are getting a better deal for your house without the agent, you can easily make the deal without him and there’d be no issue of the agent and his commission with Warda hamna apartments.

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