Let all of your Weekends be Happening with us!

Shady sites is what everyone craves for in hot crouching summers. But it’s difficult to find one if you stay in Australia.

Peak Hill Caravan Park is one such place wherein you can get shady sites in summers and heated showers in sheer winters. It’s not possible to bring the temperature down but an ensuite AC cabin can help you deal with the summers with a little more courage. Much in the same way, a heated shower gives you the motivation to deal with the rigorous winters.

Peak Hill Caravan Park provides you with all the amenities at the rates you can easily afford and the best Weekend Getaways near NSW. With a location off the main road but close to Peak hill and at a short walk to clubs and restaurants, the park is a drive through site for caravans and large motor homes. Peak Hill Caravan understands your love for your pets and allow all the controlled pets to roam around while you take a heated shower in the winters.

Our homes are filled with all the amenities and facilities that an individual need to reside in a normal home.

Peak Hills Caravan Home is a perfect getaway for all of your holidays. You can get warm floors if your house is too cold to live in winters. You can get cold showers and shades if you are getting cooked in hot summers.

With Peak Hill Caravan Park, you can get the break you look for. We provide the best Camping in West NSW, Campground in Sydney NSW, and Cabin accommodation stay in NSW.  Be it the shade you crave for in the scorching summers or the weather you want to protect yourself from in the winters, Peak Hill has it all. We have cabins for couples and families both which are equipped with all the facilities to ensure that your stay is definitely a happy stay.

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or call at: 02 6869 1422.

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