Get security whether you are in or out of your house!

Ever thought of a life where you can move in and move out without worrying about your stuff?

Going to office stress free thinking that your stuff at home is safe is one of the best feelings in this world. Especially, when you live alone and your house is locked the whole day when you are out, safety becomes a major concern.

With DNS Operations having at your back, all these issues can come to a smooth end. We are one such company that provides end to end solutions to all these safety issues. We have best quality Security Camera Systems, CCTV Installation, It installations services, Best CCTV Installation and installation services.

If you are traveling to office, you can check whatever is happening at your home in your phone. This is what getting security installation from us does to you. You can have a look anywhere anytime you want.

Apart from it, we have many other services like network systems, PoS systems and wireless and wifi systems.

Why us?

Hosted managed voice: Our hosted voice offers unlimited scalability and superior global reach at low expense, which is one of the best deals you’ll ever get.

Network systems: Back your company or house with a system that expands infrastructure as internet traffic demands.

Wireless design and Wifi deployments: We provide a fast, secure WLAN Deployment Services GA for that accommodate a multitude of devices without any router going down or poor traffic.

Point of sale systems: Set user friendly, time saver and reliable POS systems at affordable prices with us. It saves a lot of time.

Low voltage structure network cabling: Get your business a highly instrumental network cabling and ensure maximum performance at least voltage

Phone system: We have designed our phone system for businesses with on-the-go employees, so that we can keep you connected in the remotest areas.

We support Data and Voice operations and we look forward to working with you……

Contact us @ (404) 422-9150 Or visit at:

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