Best Catering and Delivery Services in Dubai..!!

In a world where “authentic biryani” is used more as a phrase rather than served as a dish, we at Shahi Paratha Rolls have made it our goal to serve truly authentic, Hyderabadi Biryani to those who know the taste that goes with that promise for Food delivery service.

Using the finest ingredients, our chefs cook a vast array of Tikkas, Kebabs and Curries, which are specially chosen to complement our world class Biryani selection and Catering services. All of this is also available together in the form of Combos and Super Saver packs aimed at making the experience of dining with family and friends all the more enjoyable. amazing biryani, the best accompanying dishes and good times with family and friends. To be precise, Shahi Paratha Rolls is ‘A Biryani lover’s paradise.

Apart from biryani, we, obviously, serve Paratha complimented by chutneys, rolls, platters and kababs which are as authentic as the biryani is. Although biryani is our signature dish, but we make sure all other dishes are also up to the mark for BBQ Specialized in Dubai.

If somebody from your family or friends tells you to try food from our place and you don’t believe it, it’s fine. Just come to our place, grab a seat and order. That’s all you have to do. Rest assured about everything else and we make sure that you don’t leave the seat dissatisfied.

Shahi Paratha roll is a pocket friendly place. The whole menu has been decided, keeping in mind the college going as well. So when you leave our place after having food, you leave happy and satisfied from both food and money perspective with Healthy Meal, Healthy Food and Healthy Lunch in Dubai.

We deliver online, serve you the hot and fresh food and make sure you order again. So if you’re having any kind of food cravings at the end of the night, we are the place you call and Order Food Online in International City.

So gets ready to make a call and give a order to us now. Call 00971-527339969.

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