Shahi Paratha Roll – Fulfill your Need and Desire both

Food is one such thing everyone out of us lives and works for. We work for food and food is something that helps us to work. Hence it is very important to make sure at least the food is good enough which can help you work better.

Shahi Parantha Roll is one such place that works to make sure that the food is worth your mouth. Yes, you heard it right. We have the best Restaurants deals in Al Barari for rolls, platters and kebabs that can make any hour of the day perfect. Coming down to your desire to eat something late night, we have the best food delivery system that also works late night to put a smooth end to your midnight cravings.

Someone rightly said that every dish has a story to tell and if it doesn’t, it definitely waiting for a story to be built. All of our dishes are somewhat related to some customer’s feelings in some or the other way. And those dishes who doesn’t have story with them are waiting for the same. Maybe you could be the person who can give a story to our newest introduced dishes. Thus, Shahi Parantha Roll not only enjoys serving people what but also believes in making food a fun for its customers as well.

An innumerable of moments come inside the kitchen of BBQ Restaurants in International City Dubai where chefs have to confront the tiny food safety issues with complete replacement of prepared dishes, for an instance, cross-contamination and risk of food borne illness” speak food security supervisors at best restaurants in Dubai. Further continuing…

“To handle those, we tend to keep an eye on the food safety by making sure the meat and the chopping sheath of veggies is different and the cooking warmth is not going to danger zone that is up to 60-degree C.” Therefore, it is advisable for the catering beginners to keep a check on similar food factors to avoid any undesirable food situation.

We have the best rolls in the town at extremely amazing prices. The best part about ordering from us is that everything is freshly prepared in house. If you eat them at our outlet, you’d know and even if you order, our delivery system is designed in such a way that the food reaches you before it gets cold and you enjoy the taste of the same.

So next time, when a mid night craving strikes your door, make sure to wake Shahi Paratha up!!

So if you want to taste some Better dishes visit

And also order online at:


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