Finest items on the platter with Student Biryani Dubai

They say, ‘Food is the best blessing of god to the mankind’. It is completely true. Irrespective of country, region, religion or any other basis, food has to be the best, only then survival is possible.

Student Biryani Dubai is one such place in Dubai that offers you best biryani at best prices. Not only Biryani, we offer best meal deals and other appetizers also.

Started by someone who not only has a passion for food but a pedigree in Hyderabadi food, Student Biryani serves the most delectable Biryani in the town. At Student Biryani, you get an amalgamation of Arabic, Turkish and Mughlai flavors with a burst of Andhra and Marathwada spices which not only has the capacity to make your day, but also make your pocket feel safe.

When biryani being the royal Hyderabadi food is freshly prepared in the kitchen of Student Biryani, you get the richest spices mixed in a proportion to lend you the most authentic flavors possible. From Andhra Chicken Fry, Chicken/Paneer 65 to the Mutton Shikhampur for starters and Dalcha, Salan, and Kormas for mains, Student Biryani put its best foot forward to give your tongue the flavors it can cherish for the lifetime.

Apart from the Signature Biryani that you’ll love, we also offer the student meal deals from our special chefs to give the mesmerizing taste to your taste buds. These student meals deals consist authentic flavors that fit your pocket too. We are the safest option if you want to take any friend of yours for a whole new biryani world.

if you are a traveler and you are going to Dubai for your work and you missed your Desi food but have no idea for Desi Restaurant in Dubai than see here…..

The Student Biryani Dubai is not only the local restaurant it’s a brand in Dubai where you can get everything that you want to eat at any time. If is it veg or non-veg….

is it Pakistani Biryani or Indian Biryani everything and every taste you will get easier with Student Biryani…… So what are you waiting for if you are hungry than call us today?

With experienced chefs from the land of biryanis and korma, authentic taste has been given top priority while designing the menu. You can choose to visit our restaurant for a casual dining experience or have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

And for taking away or deliveries contact us at 97142578773 and we have 3 branches in Dubai in different locations.

So hurry order food online with Student Biryani Dubai

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