Relocate smoothly during festivities with us

Relocation is a complex and tedious process, whether somebody agrees to it or not. And it becomes ten times more complex when you have to move during the fall or festive season for that matter.

What about Thanksgiving and relocating during that time.

That’s a tough task, but more than that, it’s more of hurting and heartbreaking task. To help you make your Thanksgiving special like always and still relocating easily, Movers Express has come up with certain tips that can help achieve the same.


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  1. Don’t ignore the holiday, embrace it: Although moving is an important thing, equally is Thanksgiving. So if you have to shift before the festival, make sure to do the ice breaking with your neighbors on Thanksgiving. If you have kids, let them put Thanksgiving decorations on your moving boxes.
  2. Schedule around the festival: Don’t involve your festival day into moving thing at all. Move either prior to the festival or after the festival but not on the festival. If possible, maybe schedule a lunch or brunch break so that you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  3. Have your dinner plans set well ahead of the time: Plan and schedule your moving, but before that plan, your Thanksgiving dinner for sure, so that ahead of moving and packing stress on the way, you don’t forget to invite your friends or plan the dinner. Once your dinner plans are set for the festival, you can easily focus on your packing and moving.

If moving is an adventure, then moving day must be the day of the fortune when you have to be ready for any kind of daring exploits. That is the only moment which defines how well or worse your moving experience was. It also helps in checking how well did you prepare for this great adventure. So Get fastest removal service and Packaging and Moving in Belvedere at affordable prices.


Moving can either be an adventure or drastic experience for you. Hence it is essential you pack well and buck up yourself for this. Movers Express is all set to make your moving experience better than you expect. If you have done everything right, you’re guaranteed to have a safe, smooth, and stress-free relocation experience. But how is right or wrong is it can only be decided if the moving day goes well.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter or business, Movers Express is dedicated to helping make your move smooth and cost-efficient. Since the time we stepped into the market, Movers Express has been providing high-quality moving and storage services to individuals, families, and businesses in the town.

Call us today for a free quote.

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