Best Tailor in Phuket for your Tuxedo Suites

Tuxedo Suits are always a smart choice for men when it comes to any party. But have you ever wondered what the basic difference between these two is?

In most of the cases, people don’t even know that these are two different things. For the majority of us, suits and tuxedos are a synonym to each other, while in reality, they are not.

New Era’s Fashion, one of the leading tailors for suits and tuxedos in the city of Phuket, has come up with certain aspects to make you clear the basic difference between the two.


To begin with, suits and tuxedos both are made of different material. The suits constitute a jacket and trousers made from the same material that could be velvet, leisure or even denim, sometimes. On the other hand, tuxedos are made of a garment known as the dinner suit. At New Era’s Fashion, our tailors can help you differentiate between the fabrics by touching.

  1. Formal: The other basic difference between is that Tuxedos are more formal than suits. Suits, still, can be worn in a pool party or some beach wedding, but not the tuxedos. Tuxedos are the expected to be worn at black tie events. Tuxedos are an outfit for some evening event. It is considered inappropriate to wear a tuxedo before 5pm.
  2. Flexible to style: There is not much flexibility in tuxedos. If you are thinking to wear one, always stick to the basic formula. But this is not the case with the suits. You have more options for styling it. A waist covering is not required and the wearer can sport a wide variety of colors and patterns through neckties and pocket squares.
  3. Cost: A tuxedo is always more expensive than the suit. With suits – you can compromise on fabric if the fit is perfect. A tuxedo has to fit, of course. But it also has to be made from high-quality material.

In this Suits and tuxedos looks good only when it is actually good. There is nothing you can compromise on when it comes to getting a tuxedo. From button to the length of the pants, everything has its own value. and keeping all the minute in mind while getting a suit done makes the tuxedo the one in its own way.

With Era Fashion, you get best fitted customized suits and Mens Designer Shirts Phuket. Yes, we have the best tailors in the country which not only gives you the best fitting in your suit but also provides you with a lot of variety you can choose from.

We have best-styled suits for both men and women. In suits for men, we’ve single and double-breasted suits. Under both these category, availability of customization from one to three buttons help in getting right fitting as per the size of the person.

Apart from this, Era Fashion’s has much more to offer. From best tuxedos to casual and designer shirts, from pants to overcoats and blazers, our tailors assure the best customized and fitted clothes to get you the right fitting


For your better half who is always the star player in every business meeting, Era Fashion offers the best business clothes to add to her beauty and confidence both. Era Fashion offers pantsuits, shirt suits, vest, overcoats and a wide variety of working dresses to set the day right.

Tailor in Eras Fashion has a knack when it comes to taking the measures. Keeping in mind whether the customer is male or female, measurements are assigned accordingly. Proper measurements pave way for the proper suits with best fitting as per your body structure – is something Era Fashion believes in.

Let we be your fashion designer for the next business meeting.

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